In this episode, Rusha interviews Merrick Rosenberg, who discusses the new media landscape and how we all interact wit each other. Merrick discusses the four styles of communication, which are the: Eagle, Dove, Owl, and Parrot. He explains that these styles play out in all aspects of our lives, including our relationships, work, and presidential elections. Merrick goes on to say that this framework is intuitive and similar to the Apgar score used to assess a child’s health. He discusses further the importance of having a good team and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 03:35] – Opening segment

        Rusha introduces Merrick Rosenberg

        Merrick describes the four types of communication styles: Eagle, Dove, Owl, and Parrot

[03:36 – 07:41] – Identify A Person Style by their Body Language

        Merrick discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each communication style

The Eagle is a strategic thinker and confident

The Dove want people to be happy and get along

The Owl are analytical and detail-oriented while being relatively quiet

The Parrot like to be around others and are very vocal

         People can identify a person’s style by their body language and tone of voice

Different styles of communication can be difficult for people who are used to face-to-face interactions

People need to understand how these styles work and adapt their approach accordingly

[07:42 – 18:02] – The Correlation of Powerful Personalities

        The gender element of the distribution across industries for personality types

        Men are likely Eagles and Women are likely Owls

Men are perceived as Assertive

Women are perceived as Aggressive

         The progress towards gender equality

         Merrick describes the correlation between powerful personalities

                     Mark Zuckerberg

                     Warren Buffet

                     Bill Gates

[18:03 – 27:29] – How Different Personalities Shape the Political Space

        Merrick discusses how the personality of a presidential candidate

Eagles and Parrots have big personalities winning more often than Owls

         He discusses how personality has always been a factor in presidential elections

                     Social Media and Internet are more prominent

         Merrick tells how some people in the political space need to be more like Parrots or Eagles

                     In order to fit into a certain mold that leads to successful leaders

                     Owls and Doves have strengths which can be valuable in leadership roles

[27:29 – 31:38] – Personality Biases are Evident in Elections

        Merrick stresses that the leadership ability is different in owls and eagles

Owls are more policy experts while Eagles are more salespeople

         The difference is seen in different countries around the world

                     How US culture values the Eagle and the Parrot style of leadership

         Personality biases plays out in elections

         He emphasizes in political involvement and policy change

[31:39 – 38:46] – How Different Environments Affect The Children’s Values and Personality

        Merrick discusses how different children are raised in different environments and how this impacts their values and personality

        The dysfunction in the US political system due to angry personalities

Joe Biden has been successful in communicating his values through his actions

         Each style has its own strengths and weaknesses

[38:47 – 38:46] – The Chameleon’s Adaptability in Government

A leader must be able to display all four styles in order to be successful

         Merrick identifies this type as the Chameleon

Merrick describes the Chameleon as being able to display all four personality types

         He can flex all four styles at the exact right time

         Bill Clinton is an example of a Chameleon

Merrick discusses how Bill Clinton is a master in public speaking

[38:46 – 44:30] – Closing Segment

        Merrick discusses the importance of being an effective leader

        How to connect with Merrick Rosenberg at


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Tweetable Quotes:

Merrick Rosenberg – “When you look at the data, there are just as many men who are Eagles as women who are Eagles. They’re just as many men who are Owls as women who are Owls, but we don’t necessarily think that. The challenge is that for a woman who was an Eagle displaying the exact same behaviors as a man who is an Eagle, they’re perceived differently, they’re perceived as aggressive, whereas, a man may just be perceived as.”

Merrick Rosenberg – “The Chameleon can display all four of them, not just the task oriented skills of being direct and making good quality decisions or the people who are in it skills of, we care about our people that’s created engaging environment where people are happy. The most successful leaders can do both of those because they can flex to all four styles at the exact right time at the right time and at the exact right moment.”

Rusha Modi – “I think that leadership is hard to describe almost elusive trait that people have, and it seems like everyone is trying to sort of pin it down. But I don’t know, aside from a couple of people such as yourself, that someone really understands that it seems to be that leadership is really about how you relate to people.”

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