In this episode, Rusha interviews Dr. Shenelle N. Wilson, M.D. She is a fellowship-trained urologist/urogynecologist and pelvic surgeon who specializes in urinary and sexual health issues in women and men. She also specializes in urologic care for patients with neurogenic bladder. Dr. Wilson sat down to discuss how physician diversity can improve patient care and reduce health disparities. They discuss how having a diverse physician workforce can lead to better patient care across all demographics, the importance of non-scientific knowledge in medical education, and the challenges that black and Latin physicians face in the healthcare field. This conversation is important because it touches on the topic of social determinants of health and how they play into the workforce and quality of care.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 03:24] – Opening segment

  • Rusha introduces Dr. Shenelle N. Wilson
  • Shenelle talks about the importance of diversity
  • The disparities between black and brown patients’ 

[03:25 – 12:49] – Minimizing disparities for a diverse physician workforce

  • Shenelle stresses about the importance of having a diverse physician workforce
  • The disparity for treatment for an overactive bladder for black and latin person
  • Health issues affect gainful employment
  • Find out what’s your patient’s social situation

[12:50 – 18:46] – The importance to have more of the minority in the workforce

  • Shenelle shares a story about being the only black doctor
  • Increasing minority physicians breeds trust towards the communities
  • Having conversations with your patients increases trust
  • Shenelle discusses how we navigate the healthcare system as a minority

[18:47 – 27:13] – The need to speak up and overcome invalidation

  • Shenelle tells us the importance of speaking our mind
  • Dealing with invalidation when you’ve perceived to reach the top
  • She shares how it was such a toxic system while she was training in her academic medicine
  • Shenelle shares her long-term goal and start a urology residency school

[27:14 – 31:02] – Closing Segment

  • Shenelle and Rusha discusses the unbridled enthusiasm of healthcare workers
  • Shenelle explains the need of additional passion so that we can have a well-rounded life
  • Find Dr. Shenelle at her website and


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Tweetable Quotes:

Dr. Shenelle N. Wilson, M.D – “It’s so important to have more minority physicians, because having us there, it will breed the extra trust when they know that, this is someone who comes from my community, who has that same generational knowledge, who also was affected by the way healthcare has been towards our communities,

Dr. Shenelle N. Wilson, M.D – “I think that all of us need to find that additional passion so that we can have a more well-rounded life because medicine and healthcare just becomes everything and we just go to sleep and we’d do it again.”

Rusha Modi – “The diversity in the workforce and clinicians that come from a variety of parts of society is representative of the larger issues that we’re having in the boardroom and small businesses.”

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