Michelle Dickinson has had her dark night of the soul and she has used her pain to create powerful advocacy and consulting platform to guide organizations to create emotional well-being. In this captivating interview, we talk about trauma, reference employee burnout, what workplace wellness really looks like, and how to be more resilient in chaotic times.

In this interview, Michelle and I discuss how employers can be supportive of their employees and help them achieve their goals. One way that employers can do this is by providing mental health benefits, which can help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage employees to seek treatment when needed. She explains that employers should focus on engaging their employees and creating a healthy work-life balance. This can help to ensure that employees are happy and satisfied with their careers, which in turn will lead to increased productivity and satisfaction within the workplace. To learn more about Michelle, visit Breaking Into My Life!

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:10] – Opening segment

Dr. Rusha introduces Michelle Dickinson!

What is the “Great Resignation”

The pandemic forced people to be more innovative and creative, opening up possibilities that they never thought possible

Employers will continue to compete for talent and workers will have the final say on where they work

[07:11 – 17:20] – Creating a Compassionate Workplace Culture That Supports Resilience

Americans are renegotiating what work means in their lives

Employees have a healthier relationship with brain health

Organizations need to shift their mindset and focus on engagement instead of just providing benefits

What role does the organization they work for play in terms of their employees’ wellbeing

Talent has the upper hand in the labor market

Shifting towards a four-day workweek

Employers need to provide a paycheck to their employees in order to create a healthy relationship

Different levels of leadership in today’s workplace

[17:21 – 33:32] – The Resilience And Gratitude To Face Job Burnout

Work can be a fulfilling personal mission

Workers can shift their mindset to create a more fulfilling relationship with work

Workers may need professional help to shift their mindset and manage stress effectively

The key to overcoming stress and anxiety is to have a mindset of “It’s an option” and commit to doing something every day

It takes time for the non-doing to have a compounding effect

Reconciling the desire to pursue their passion with the practical considerations of a career

[33:33 – 48:58] – Closing Segment

One way to find resources is to follow her on LinkedIn

Listeners are invited to visit Breaking Into My Life!

Connect with Michelle Dickinson at her: 

Website: Michelle Dickinson

Twitter: Michelle Dickinson

LinkedIn: Michelle Dickinson


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Tweetable Quotes:

Michelle Dickinson – “You will breed loyalty in your staff if you simply care for them, meet them where they are, support them, and you’ll get the best out of them.”

Michelle Dickinson – “Stress is never going to go away, you just need to learn how to navigate it so that it doesn’t consume you.”

Dr. Rusha Modi – “We’re finding out in real time that every job requires skill sets, expertise, and wisdom in order to do it safely and effectively.”

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