Ellie Lak is a hero, advocating for the well-being and care of some of the Earth’s most vulnerable creatures. As more attention is being paid to the climate and the way humans treat the planet, Ellie has been a pioneer for decades in demonstrating how humans are part of the larger ecosystem around us. Her seminal organization, the Gentle Barn, is a sanctuary for both people and animals to find common ground, respect, and love. In this fascinating interview, we talk about “pandemic puppies,” the role of diet and health, her journey towards becoming an animal rights advocate, and some of the challenges and opportunities facing humanity and animals alike. She expresses her desire for a world where animals are treated with respect and not used as commodities for human consumption. To learn more about her and her mission, visit her website at The Gentle Barn!

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 05:44] – Opening segment

Rush introduces Ellie!

The Gentle Barn is a place to bond over their shared love of animals

[05:45 – 31:09] –  

The Gentle Barn provides therapy for people in crisis

 It allows us to connect with our emotions and heal

How people and animals are all interconnected

Protecting nature and the environment

Become more aware of animal sanctuaries

People should not use animals for their own gain

[31:10 – 37:45] – 

Reconciling the reality of the need for humans to eat meat

Humane animal practices

Growing interest in plant-based eating

Dilemma through cell meat

Make informed decisions about food

[37:46 – 53:21] – Closing Segment

Ellie encourages people to connect with The Gentle Barn and support its movement regardless of where they are on the animal welfare spectrum  

She invites us to visit her website: Ellie Laks!

Connect with Ellie Laks at her:

Website: The Gentle Barn

Website: Ellie Laks

Instagram: @ellielaks

Twitter: @EllieLaks

Book: My Gentle Barn


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Tweetable Quotes:

Ellie Laks – “I really believe that in history of humanity, that is when that connection to nature started falling away because we started congregating among ourselves, separating ourselves from nature. And then, of course, going out and hunting and destroying nature for our own uses.”

Ellie Laks – “Nature is always here to heal us.”

Rusha Modi – “Passion is probably the antidote to a lot of the antipathy and apathy that exist right now, where people are either fuming with anger or burnt out and they’re just exhausted.”

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