In this episode, Rusha interviews Pete Bombaci, Pete is the head of a non-profit from Canada that seeks to connect people to people. His organization has been a major voice in the battle against isolation, alienation, tribalization, animosity, and the numerous other ways we all “bowl alone.” Listen as Pete talks about the social implications of mistrust and distrust of each other, and how kindness, connection, and community can rehabilitate the social fabric. 

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 03:27] – Opening segment

Rush introduces Pete Bombaci

Pete emphasizes the importance of human connection, which was highlighted in an op-ed in the New York Times

He discusses how dogs can be a way to reconnect with your neighbors

Humans have been increasingly disconnected from each other due to changes in technology and society

To reverse this trend, people need to be educated on the importance of human connection

[03:28 – 08:52] – Technology Makes It Harder To Have Authentic Conversations

Pete discusses the importance of relationships, and how technology is changing how we connect

He discusses how technology is making it harder for people to have authentic conversations

Conversation is the key to resolving political differences

[08:53 – 36:00] – The Importance of Human Connection In The Workplace

Pete discusses the American political divide

Human connection movement is aimed at encouraging this type of communication

Corporations play a role in creating social connections in the workplace

It can benefit both employees and customers

He advises businesses to advocate for policies that support human connection

[36:01 – 56:14] – Success Depends On The Strength Of The Relationships Between Employees

Pete emphasizes the need for corporations to shift their focus from consumers to the employee

In order to create a more productive and positive work environment

Success of an organization depends on the strength of its relationships between employees

Keeping happy employees is a key part of creating a successful organization

Mental health and physical health are important aspects of social health

[56:14 – 01:07:58] – Closing Segment

Pete discusses how social health is key to success in the modern era

How can people connect with general learning about its organization and get involved

How to connect with Pete Bombaci at Genwell Project


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Tweetable Quotes:

Pete Bombaci – “I never even recognized the power of schools to bring people together until the pandemic forced them all to come home. That socialization that happens at school, and we know that leads to brain development, we know that that’s educational success, cultural success.”

Pete Bombaci – “Spending time with other people because it gets us out of here, when we’re not very kind to ourselves, helps us find solutions, and it helps us build resilience.”

Rusha Modi – “It seems to be that the less contact that we have, the harder it is to not only converse, but have an ability to empathize with people and I think technology is making that problem even worse.”

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