Why would a physician start a political and social commentary podcast? How is this show different from the other rant casts out there? Learn about the unique raison d’etre of this show and how you can participate to reform, reshape and rejuvenate the conversations that power our world to turn chaos into clarity.

And it all began here, today. Welcome to the inaugural episode of the The Tomorrow List with Rusha Modi podcast!

[00:01 – 05:03] Opening Segment

  • Why did I start this podcast
    • A doctor talking about political issues? why?
  • The premise of this show
    • A response to a ‘viral’ seeker culture
    • Here, we solve problems that matter

[05:04 – 11:48] A cure to misinformation

  • A glimpse to the interesting conversations we’ll be having
  • The larger motifs
    • “Yeah, Rusha’s points really made sense!”
    • You can learn here. You must learn something here.
  • The policy solutions that can repair the world
    • We seek to cross that existing divide
    • We need to be honest about the problems we have
  • Be a part of the community

[11:49 – 13:04] Closing Segment 

  • Tune in to the coming episodes for Season 1!
  • Final words


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Remember: Solutions, not shouting.

Tweetable Quotes

“I needed an outlet to express my desire to comment and learn about the world beyond just pure clinical medicine.” – Dr. Rusha Modi

“Solutions, not shouting.” – Dr. Rusha Modi

“I hope you come away with the sense that, ‘I truly learned something’ and ‘I was trying to learn something.’ This is a seeker’s podcast in that regard. It’s not a progressive version of the Ben Shapiro show.” – Dr. Rusha Modi

“I’d rather you approach your own conclusions with greater intellectual and emotional clarity. That is the idea.” – Dr. Rusha Modi

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